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Hey, there's like 3 members right now, but that's okay, I'll introduce myself anyway. My name is Tasha, I'm 17 yrs old, a senior in high school. I've been cutting my own hair for a few years, yeah, it's what you might call "emo", but it's what I like and I base my hair off what I want and not what's popular. So eff you (can I swear?).

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^This is the hair you see in my user icon. That dye lasted for a few days and faded pretty fast (it was only supposed to last 10, which is uber sad cause I love this color). This was in October.

^This is when I redyed it red in November, but it stained my scalp for about a week (I was lucky I was able to get the stuff off my face, it's never been that difficult before). I sat around in classes shedding red dandruff, but it was just the dye. It was pretty nasty...but I miss that color.

Here is what it looks like now (a bit longer though, I need to trim the back, and faded quite a bit more, almost back to blonde). I'm trying to get the front fairly long, to my chin (that's long for me, I like having my hair short!) and keep it angled so the back is short. Short hair is fun to play with. =)

Have a nice day! [[hunts down the peppiness and displays it on her wall as a "rarity"]]
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aww man I know what your talking about with the dyed dandruff

my hands always get os much dye on them no mater how hard i work to avoid it
Your hair in all three pictures look rad. :)

Well you look really good with short hair...why don't you cut it really short?? :)
Well I actually went through your pics just now and noticed that you did cut it really short. You have a such a gorgeous face that you should try shaving your head bald...:) Anyways, is that girl Niki that appears in many photos your sister? Did she cut her hair too?
heh thank you, but my head is much too small to go bald/all the way buzzed. I'm trying to grow it out right now actually, as much as I love cutting my hair, I got tired of it. My sister Nika did cut her hair, to about the length of mine in those pictures above, and then much shorter. See here (crummy picture, but I don't have a better one)
hey thanks for replying. I noticed that you blocked me on AIM messenger. Why? I am a really nice guy and please forgive me if I did anything wrong, alright? I just want to be friends, that's all. :) Write me back...
Hey are you a Christian? Catholic?
No, and you probably would not like me. You may be perfectly nice and fine, but I prefer not to talk to people I don't know online unless it is suggestions/comments/critiques for some work that I've displayed online. Please do not contact me.
Well don't be silly. :) I am trying to be friendly, ok? Can you please just give me chance?
No. Please respect my wishes.